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 Betreff des Beitrags: Malwarebytes real-time protection is disabled did Microsoft?
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i have Windows 10 as the OS on my desktop computer. i purchase Malwarebytes Premium 3.0 AND Emsisoft Anti-Malware to keep me as safe as possible. i have been paying for and using both for a couple of years simultaneously and without any problems, and i intend to continue doing so.
a couple days ago, i signed on to see my Malwarebytes real-time protection had been disabled. i tried to do a "fix", following instructions on their blog, but nothing worked. so i sent in a request for assistance and have yet to hear back.
then yesterday on the Bleeping Computer news page, i read an article that there is a new Windows 10 "controlled folder access" anti-ransomware feature that was uploaded to my computer with the Fall Creator's Update a couple days ago. hmmm, coincidence? i think not.
so here's my thinking. the new Microsoft controlled folder access is disabling the real-time protection from Malwarebytes. maybe it's a turf-war for my business--i don't know. but i have been happy with malwarebytes and Emsisoft, and want to continue being a satisfied paying customer.
am i off-base here? do i need to somehow disable the new Microsoft feature to re-enable my Malwarebytes protection? and in doing so, am i going to muck up something else?i am a rather unsophisticated computer user, and i would appreciate any thoughts or directions from this community.

Please Help.
Thanks !

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